Luncheon enhances bond between mothers and daughters


The Freshman Class sponsored its annual Mother-Daughter luncheon on Feb. 9 at the Manoa Grand Ballroom of the Japanese Cultural Center.

Freshmen and their mothers celebrated at the Freshman Mother-Daughter Luncheon on Feb. 9 at the Manoa Grand Ballroom, also known as the Japanese Cultural Center. Students and their mothers had a chance to make memories at the celebration, a tradition at the Academy.

Freshman Council member, Kailanianna Ablog, said, “The purpose of the luncheon was to help strengthen the bond between daughter and mother as well as to help our class become closer as friends, peers and as  family.”

Homeroom teacher, Erin Flynn, said “I believe that the purpose of the Mother-Daughter luncheon was to celebrate the relationship between the Sacred Hearts girls and their mothers.”

Ablog said, “I believe it benefited the students by strengthening their bonds with not only their mothers but with the people around them. It will help students, including myself, to cherish every relationship we have with others.”

During the luncheon, council members hosted games and activities for all to enjoy. One of the first games was “Purse Raid,” which was the council’s own spin-off of “Gimme, Gimme.” Another game was “Taste the Rainbow.” The last activity was the raffle. Students also performed to entertain their mothers. A few of the performers include Justine Sison dancing Tahitian, Liahjeydhine Setik singing “Wind beneath my wings,” and Elane Namoca playing the piano.

Teacher Deborah Kula said, “The most memorable part of the luncheon for me was the impressive lineup of entertainers.  I was very impressed with the poise and presence of the freshman young women who shared their talents with us.”

Freshman Morgan Louis-Soares said, “I really enjoyed dancing the hula and spending time with my mother and my fellow classmates. It helped me have a better relationship with my mother by allowing me to get to know her more.”

Council member, Ellie Ramirez said, “This event was memorable because I was able to see all of the council’s hard work pay off seeing all of our classmates having a good time. All we wanted to do was make sure that everyone, the moms and the students, would be able to remember this mother-daughter luncheon when thinking back on their Freshman Year.”

Kula said, “I believe the greatest benefit for the students was the opportunity to plan and participate in an event that honors and celebrates someone else and they were able to witness and enjoy the pleasure and pride of their moms.”

The luncheon was an opportunity for freshmen to get together and show off their talents, practice speaking in front of an audience and to organize a public event.  It also benefited their mothers because it gave them an opportunity to meet other mothers and create relationships that have the potential to become friendships over their daughters’ four years at the Academy.