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Freshman Initiation: As told by a Little Sister

For Mini Monday, “big sisters” dressed their “little sisters” in baby accessories.

Noe Nekotani, Reporter

September 29, 2016

Freshman Initiation is a long-time tradition at Sacred Hearts Academy, and contrary to what it sounds, this “initiation” doesn’t include hazing or humiliation but rather fun and fellowship. As a new freshman at the Academy, I initially had a mix of feelings about the tradition–both afraid bu...

Freshman Initiation: As Told by a Big Sister

Juniors Rochell Agapay and Hi‘ialo Apo with their freshman “little sister,” Mickayla Baniaga, for Mini Monday.

Rochell Ann Agapay, Reporter

September 29, 2016

Sacred Hearts Academy just wrapped up Freshman Initiation Week, when freshmen are officially welcomed to the high school. It’s an exciting time of year for everyone, but for the juniors, it means becoming “big sisters.” As big sisters, we take the lead in welcoming our “little sisters,” t...

Diving into real-world journalism with the IUCN Congress

Ka Leo adviser Alyssa Myers (far left) and student journalists Ashley Lardizabal and Kailanianna Ablog with Sec. Sally Jewell.

Kailanianna Ablog, Reporter, Opinions Editor

September 26, 2016

As I ran through the back of Makiki Valley, jumping over rocks and fallen leaves, dodging puddles of mud, it hit me. I was completely surrounded by nature, on my way up the trail to what would be the biggest interview of my high school journalism career. The heavy tripod I slung over my shoulder...

Who is ready for the ‘Middle of Here and Now?’

Who is ready for the ‘Middle of Here and Now?’

Taylor McKenzie, Reporter, Media Editor

September 20, 2016

What does the phrase “Hawaiian art” mean to you? If palm trees and hula dancers come to mind, then you aren’t alone. These stereotypes plague the minds of many, including myself. My expectations for Hawaiian art were always astronomically low; that is, until I learned about the Honolulu Biennial Fou...

Krazy for the Korean Festival

Krazy for the Korean Festival

Kailanianna Ablog, Reporter, Opinions Editor

September 15, 2016

You’ll probably think I’m crazy. For many reasons, you’d be justified in thinking so. I mean, who would be foolish enough to brave the thick crowds, huddling beneath plumes of smoke from food tents and ducking under the expanse of vendor tents to hide from the rain? Me, of course. B...

A nonconventional approach to prom

Photo credit: Jon Okuma

Kailanianna Ablog, Reporter

May 9, 2016

Hairstyles, nails, makeup and dates are the first things to cross a girl’s mind when the subject of prom is mentioned. But, not mine. When I think of prom, I imagine bright lights, the lure of the photobooth and me on the dance floor, a wide smile on my face as I move to the beat of the music. The...

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