Finding my ‘best self’

New year’s resolutions. Everyone makes them, but let’s be honest, not everyone follows through. 


That is why this year, I promised myself I would carry out my resolutions. I made multiple goals this year, for example, to eat healthier, to workout everyday and to try to become the best version of myself. 


So far, I have followed through with my goals. I workout everyday at home and will often go running around my neighborhood. I also have been eating healthier, although I do have a few cheat days every so often.  


When making my new year’s resolutions, I told myself that, in order for me to carry out my promises, I would need some emotional support and motivation from friends and family. I turned to my best friend and my sister, fellow Sacred Hearts Academy students Joie Kane and Jondrina Cambra. They, too, have been trying to get in shape and become the best versions of themselves. We have all been working out together to motivate one another. We will sometimes join each other for weekend hikes or just some sort of fitness day. 


“I kept up with them in January, but once February came, I started to get lazy and stopped working out and making healthy choices. But I’m trying to get back on track,” Cambra, grade 9, said. 


This is why I knew that I would need a support system. Once my sister started to struggle, I did, too. Kane, grade 11, was also a huge part of my 2021 fitness journey. She has recently been playing soccer and weightlifting. She works out about four times a week, and every so often, we will go on weekend hikes with one another, or we will go running around Ala Moana Beach Park. We both constantly push one another to work out everyday and make smarter, healthier choices in our daily diets. 


The reason I chose to stick with my new year’s resolutions is because I needed a change in my life. I realized that when I would surround myself with negativity, I would often feel bad about myself. Enough was enough. I made the decision to start changing my horrible eating habits, to get into better shape and become the best version of myself. I often found it challenging and a bit tiresome to keep up with my resolutions, but in the end, I realize that it’s all worth it.


The decision to become my best self this year was simple. It’s coming as close as you can to fulfilling your innate potential; being the best version of yourself that you can be. I just needed to put in the effort. To do so, I made a workout plan and a meal plan. I try to follow it as best I can, but I do take a break from it every so often. Breaks are extremely important when on a strict workout plan or diet plan. If you don’t take breaks, you will constantly be tired, and you’ll feel like your plan is a chore rather than something that should be a fun experience. 


In January, my dad would join me when I worked out. He helped me to make a plan to follow. After a while, he stopped, and I started to do my own thing. 


I heavily researched what sort of workouts would be best for my body and my ability. My workout plan is mostly a lot of cardio, core workouts, weight training and a little bit of weight lifting. I like to switch it up every now and then. One week, I will do cardio, then the next, I will do core workouts and weight training. Finally, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I do a bit of weight lifting. 


For meals, I eat following the calorie-deficit method, which is basically just reducing the regular calories I would usually take in. I also cut out a lot of carbs and sugar in my diet because none of that is good for your health. I usually eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, acai bowls and chicken breast.


In my journey, I have learned that in order to follow through with resolutions, you have to be willing to make a change and a plan. You also have to commit to it and try and find people to support you on your journey.

Zandrina Cambra

My name is Zandrina Cambra and I am currently a junior at Sacred Hearts Academy. I have been attending the Academy for 10 years and I'm 16 years old. It is my first time in Journalism.

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