In the first installment of the Big Picture Podcast, Monica Kenny and chemistry teacher Laura Hausman discuss the greater implications of global warming, and our social responsibility to fight it. Ka Leo Convos is a podcast series produced by Ka Leo ‘s student reporters.

  1. Kathy Kenny says:

    Hello Monica Kenny,

    I enjoyed listening to the podcast and hearing what you had to say about global climate change. I have a personal love of bees and as most entomologists will agree, bee populations are shrinking all over the world. How do you think global warming and bee die-offs are related? If you want to see examples of people who are not contributing to climate change as much as the rest of us, I would suggest doing some field work where I once lived in the Midwest. Certain traditionalist groups there like the Amish, do not use vehicles and have a low carbon footprint. I would also travel to the Gulf Coast, places like Louisiana are being greatly affected by the fossil fuel industry and their fondness for environmental destruction.

    Kathy Kenny

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