‘The Elite’ continues ‘The Selection’ series

“The Elite” by Kiera Cass is the second book in “The Selection” series.

“The Elite” continues the story of America Singer who is in the running to become the princess of Illea.

The competition now consists of six girls, now known as The Elite, who are competing to marry Prince Maxon.

Now that the end of the competition is near, America is confused about her feelings for Maxon and Aspen who is a guard at the palace.

At times, America believes she is in love with Maxon, but when she gets mad at him, her feelings shift to Aspen.

Since America doesn’t know what she wants, her chance at marrying Maxon is getting smaller because of the other girls’ certainty about what they want.

The competition becomes fiercer because everyone’s goal is to marry Maxon and become the next queen. Some of the other girls resort to sabotage so that they can marry Maxon.

Just when America is confident about whom she likes, it is destroyed. Then, she starts to question everything she thought was true.

Will she get her “happily ever after” with the one she loves?

Will America be able to have future happiness with Maxon or Aspen?

“The Elite” is recommended for teens because of some violent scenes and mature content in the book.

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