Volunteering offers opportunities and assistance

Volunteering for local organizations helps the community as well as those who volunteer.

“People who volunteer tend to have higher self-esteem, psychological well-being and happiness,” said Mark Snyder, a psychologist and head of the Center for the Study of the Individual and Society at the University of Minnesota.

“All of these things go up as their feelings of social connectedness goes up, which in reality, it does. It also improves their health and even their longevity,” said Snyder.

People volunteer for a variety of reasons: to learn new things, to feel better about themselves, to acquire new skills, to make the world better and to help others.

Sophomore Nikaela Busekrus said, “I really like working with people and it is really cool to see how happy they are.”

Those who volunteer at a young age are more likely to continue volunteering when they are older. Volunteering helps the community because it provides support for activities and makes it a better place to live.

Mary Ellen Miller, seventh and ninth grade theology teacher, said that Sacred Hearts Academy encourages volunteering “so that students have a real world experience and experience the gift of giving without receiving a reward.”

Busekrus said, “It helps me to be more aware of hardships others are facing and helps me to be more grateful for what I have.”

Those who volunteer when they are older actually benefit from doing more work than less. Volunteering helps senior citizens keep up with physical and social activity. As people age, they often lose contact with friends or family. Volunteering can provide more social activity.


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