‘Beastly’ is take on ‘Beauty and the Beast’

“Beastly” is about Kyle Kingsbury who comes from a rich family and whose dad, a news reporter, cares a great deal about his public image.

When Kyle is challenged in class by Kendra, he decides he will humiliate her by asking her to a dance and showing up with a pretty, popular girl instead.

What Kyle doesn’t know is that Kendra is a witch who puts a curse on Kyle to teach him a lesson. The curse turns Kyle into a beast, and the only solution is to find a girl who will love him as such.

When Kyle does not leave his house, his father hires a tutor named Will, a blind teacher, who helps Kyle keep up with schooling. Will slowly shows Kyle what it is like to have someone care for him.

A drug addict enters Kyle’s house but is caught. When the man offers his daughter Adrian instead of being turned in to the police, Kyle thinks that maybe Adrian, will break the curse.

Will Adrian be able to love Kyle and break the curse?

“Beastly” is filled with fantasy and romance. It shows that loving someone can be meaningful.

“Beastly” is a book recommended for ages 14 to 17 because of some sensuality.


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