Solitude benefits personal growth

Alone time is important.

It  can be as simple as sitting in a room and listening to music, going on a run to clear the mind, or curling up on a couch and reading a book. Or, the time can be more elaborate, such as doing yoga or setting aside a specific time to be by oneself.

Alone time proves to be essential to the health of individuals in regards to mental health and personal growth. Sometimes it is hard to take the time for oneself, but an effort must be made to benefit from this solitary time

According to Sherrie Bourg Carter, Psy.D, there are many benefits to seeking alone time: solitude allows one’s brain to unwind and reboot, improve concentration, increase productivity, discover oneself, think deeper and help one work through problems more efficiently and enhance the quality of relationships. Solitude is healthy and highly beneficial in many aspects of one’s life.

Being disconnected from others for a period of time allows one to recharge and refresh the mind and body. It is vital to healthy relationships because one is able to discover who she is and what her role is. With so much distraction from the outside world, there are too much information, ideas and influences that bombard individuals which can confuse because of the vastness of influences. Individuals need to dig deep in order to figure out who they are. Too many people do not know who they are or what direction they are headed towards in life. The need for more alone time to “soul search” is essential.

Solitude in healthy doses is critical to having a healthy body and mind. Whether or not one appreciates alone time, it is essential for personal health and development.