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Good manners still prove to be relevant


Parents constantly remind their children to be respectful and show good manners. As children mature, one would think that lessons taught them as children would stay with them. However, good manners have diminished over time and in many instances are nonexistent today.

Although good manners may seem old fashioned and out-of-date, they are still necessary for social ease and community.

Cell phone usage is a major culprit in the lack of manners. Once a phone vibrates or rings, one immediately takes her phone out to message back or answer the call. Obviously, there are times when it is necessary to use cell phones, but it is rude to always be attached to it and whip it out no matter the time or place.

Another culprit of bad manners is found in everyday common courtesies or lack thereof, such as opening the door for someone or saying “please” and “thank you.” Too many feel that having someone do something nice for them, like holding the door open, is an entitlement; it is expected that others perform these simple, yet kind actions, but too many do not reciprocate. A genuine “thank you” shows appreciation of a thoughtful gesture and is a way to display good manners.

Table manners are another issue. Teenagers are often the ones notorious for elbows on tables, eating sloppily or talking with their mouths full. Proper table manners are life skills that are necessary for public outings. They show respect for others. Although many may think that they can eat in any fashion in the company of friends, bad habits carry through to whenever one eats and could disgust others.

Good manners seems to be a thing of the past because of the lack of practice. Manners, however, should not be considered a thing of the past and should be taken seriously. Being well mannered shows respect and consideration for others.

Although well mannered people seem to be a rarity, in actuality, well mannered people are the accepted norm. This is why those who are rude get more attention compared to those who are always well mannered.

The emphasis people, especially parents, put on learning good manners is because manners are essential to being socially acceptable and avoiding unnecessary conflicts. Getting along is vital to living cohesively and cooperatively in society without creating undue strain on stress on others.

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Victoria Chang
Victoria Chang, Reporter
Victoria Chang is a teacher’s assistant at Punahou Dance School, teaches dance at the Performing Arts Center of Kapolei and is a member of the National Honor Society. Victoria has attended Sacred Hearts Academy since Junior Kindergarten.
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Good manners still prove to be relevant