Extra-curricular activities prove vital to being well-rounded

Preparation for college does not only entail good grades and test scores, but also having a life outside the classroom.

Colleges pay attention to students’ lives both inside and outside the classroom, according to the CollegeBoard. Participating in extra-curricular activities demonstrates students’ interests, their long-term commitment to something and that students know how to manage their time and priorities.

Extra-curricular activities can also be outlets for students to express themselves creatively and deepen their knowledge of a subject.

“I participate in extra-curricular activities because I am competitive and I like to get involved. I especially like to participate in sports because it gives me something to work hard for and when I do well, I know my work is paying off and what I earn, I deserve,” said junior Taylor Kaneshiro, who has many years of volleyball and karate under her belt.

Multiple activities help to create a well-rounded person. They allow teens to gain social skills, be a part of something greater than themselves and move away from the everyday rhythm of school work.

“Meeting new people, gaining new experiences and being able to be a part of a community is so important. Extra-curricular activities allow me to venture out and achieve these goals,” said junior Kaelyn Tanaka, who has played tennis for many years.

Activities also help students maintain a healthy lifestyle, keep them out of trouble and give them goals to focus on.

“Tap dancing is a great exercise for me. It’s a good way to keep healthy and have fun,” said senior Kulani Boyne who has been tapping for many years.

Extra-curricular activities can include team or individual sports, clubs and the performing arts. These activities build confidence as well. Camaraderie also grows with participation in activities.

“Performing arts is a major part of my life. Aside from my blood family, my performing arts friends are my second family. I get to express myself in a way that’s different from in school and surround myself with other people rather than my friends from school,” said freshman Lauren Nagamine who is active in theater around the island.

Junior Kelly Lam agreed. “Riflery builds my focus, time management, character and social skills to prepare me for the future.”