Water is essential to healthy life


“Water is an essential part of a person’s diet and is vital to being healthy. “

Water is a clean, simple way to hydrate. It is an essential part of a person’s diet and is vital to being healthy.

Recently, flavored waters such as “Vitamin Water,” “Gatorade” and “Propel” have been created. In actuality, these flavored waters have an incredible amount of sugar and calories that greatly outweigh the health benefits. A better solution to better health is to drink plain water.

Water contains no calories, sugar or unnecessary enhancements that are more likely to harm than help bodies. Replacing flavored waters, soda, coffee and other calorie-laden drinks with pure water helps people lose weight and support good health.

“Drinking water helps me keep up energy, stay hydrated and helps clear up acne. I am constantly drinking water because it is helpful with my sports and my health,” said junior Kuuleilani Woods.

Replacing other drinks with water not only benefits health but saves a lot of money. The money put towards buying sodas, flavored water and other drinks adds up. Pure water is practically free. Drinking tap water is perfectly acceptable and will not dent wallets.

“I always bring a water bottle from home to drink in school because I do not have to waste plastic bottles. I can always refill my water bottle in school and have good, clean water to drink throughout the day,” said junior Lauren Wedemeyer.

Many consumers also purchase filters for water such as “Brita” because they feel that regular tap water is filled with particles. This, however, is not always true, especially in places like Hawaii. Tap water in Hawaii is clean, tasteless and drinkable. Water in Hawaii is one of the best tasting in the country.

“The water in Hawaii does not taste the same as on the mainland. It tastes a lot better and I am glad that I have good tasting water available to me every day,” said sophomore Nadiah Diah.

Water is essential to a healthy life. It plays a big role in being successful in any physical activity and also to keep up good health. It is cheap, convenient and vital to life.