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Wrap-up for wrestling, soccer and air riflery

Senior Decembers Smith took second place in ILH while junior Siman Zhang won third in the state wrestling tournament at the Neal Blaisdell Center on Feb. 30- Mar.1.

Senior Kealakekua Makekau made the ILH Girls’ Soccer All-Star first team while teammates Ashley Cho, Lauren Arakawa, Noelle Yee, Kelli Keahiolalo and Taylor Pazcoguin were named as honorable mentions.

Makekau said, “I’ve never made first team before so this is an honor, but without my team I would never have gotten this opportunity.”

Arakawa agreed. “This season took a lot of dedication and hard work but my teammates made it an amazing experience.”

While the Academy Junior Varsity Air Riflery team won the ILH championships, junior Sara Tashima placed second in varsity.

Tashima said, “Although my goal was to win first place, winning second is good too. I learned what I need to work on to improve so that next year I will be better.”

12 thoughts on “Wrap-up for wrestling, soccer and air riflery”

  1. I like how the article is short and straight to the point. I liked that they went to go and ask the people who were apart of the teams how they felt about the season.


  2. Congratulations to the girls who were mentioned in this article. I think you guys were amazing during these competitions. It sounds like you guys were working hard during the competition and good job representing your school.


  3. Good job and congratuations to all of you girls for placing in the ILH championships. Maybe next year you can get first place. It is amazing you placed. If you want to get better allcyou have to do is practice. Congratuations!!!


  4. As a member of the riflery team, I’m glad that Sara is being recognized for her achievements this season. She won second in the entire state- pretty awesome! She also set the new ILH record in standing position for precision riflery, previously held by Academy alumni Cecilia Wong.


  5. Great job, Sara! As her riflery teammate and friend, I’m very proud of her for placing second. Her achievements didn’t stop there as she also set the new ILH record in standing position for precision riflery, previously set by Academy senior Cecilia Wong.


  6. I enjoyed reading this article because it talks about sports and I enjoy how you got quotes from these people. It was really interesting, short and to the point.


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