‘Telesa’ presents riveting story in Samoa


Mariko Galton, Reporter

Lani Wendt Young’s “Telesa” presents 17-year-old Leila Folger who unlocks a hidden power after arriving in Samoa.

Shortly after her father’s death, Leila travels to Samoa to find out about her mother who died soon after her birth. When Leila asks about her mother, however, no one seems to have any answers.

Soon, Leila’s dreams are filled with an eerie woman, calling herself Pele. As Leila searches for answers, something inside her begins to stir. Having no one to turn to, Leila depends on Daniel Tahi, a smart, witty Samoan-American boy.

When Daniel and Leila share a kiss, a fiery feeling within her awakens, nearly burning down a school and killing hundreds of people. With this unforeseen power, Leila searches for someone who can teach her to control it.

“Telesa” is a riveting story that reveals the history of Samoa and people’s beliefs. The constant turn of events makes readers eagerly anticipate what is to come.
This book is recommended for ages 14 to 18 because of mild violence and adult situations. “Telesa” brings a new twist on hidden powers and the Samoan culture.