Camp Erdman experience enhances personal skills

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Camp Erdman experience enhances personal skills

Frances Nicole Tabios, Reporter

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Seventh graders attended their annual sleepover at Camp Erdman getting to know each better through a variety of fun physical activities.

Accompanied by counselor Joyce Hall and adviser Kaycie Baltunado, students worked, interacted and challenged themselves.Through the demanding physical activities, students improved teamwork skills.

“Camp Erdman was really fun and tiring at the same time, but I had a great learning experience and was able to bond with my friends. I also learned more about the importance of teamwork,” said Sophia Camara.

Baltunado said, “Seventh graders were able to get to know each other during the camp. It was definitely a great experience!”

Lexy Freitas agreed. “I really enjoyed this activity called ‘Odyssey’ because I got to help other people and play with other people I don’t normally talk to.”

Although the camp took a lot of planning, Baltunado still enjoyed watching her students better themselves as a division.

“Since it’s my first time as their adviser, I had to be very organized and make sure we were on schedule. Although it was very stressful, we enjoyed our stay there and it was relaxing to watch my students have fun and work as a team,” Baltunado said.