Korean romantic drama displays high school struggles

“Playful Kiss” is the Korean version of a Japanese manga, “Itazura na Kiss,” by Tada Kaoru. There are Japanese and Taiwanese versions of this drama.

The drama is about Oh Ha Ni (Jung So Min) who is not very successful in her studies. Instead of classes, she focuses on Baek Sung Jo (Kim Hyun Joong), the person she likes.

Sung Jo is a genius who is at the top of the class but has a cold personality. When he receives a letter from Ha Ni confessing that she likes him, he rejects her and returns the letter. When Ha Ni opens the letter, she sees that he has corrected her grammar and even given her a grade.

To Ha Ni’s further dismay, her house is ruined in an earthquake, leading her to move in with her father’s friend.

When she gets to the house, she finds that this is also where Sung Jo lives.  What a complication!

Will Sung Jo and Ha Ni be able to get along after he has so insulted and snubbed her? Will a relationship develop?

The drama is recommended for teens who like high school romances mixed with high school struggles. It is also good for those who like romantic comedies.

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