‘A Werewolf Boy’ tells of loyalty and romance

“A Werewolf Boy,” written and directed by Jo Sung Hee, is a Korean fantasy-melodrama that takes place in the late 1900s and tells the story of  companionship and young love. The melodrama focuses on Kim Sun Yi (Park Bo Young),  a troubled teenage girl who forges an unexpected friendship with a stranger.

Due to a lung ailment, Sun Yi and her family move to a house in the countryside. Sun Yi is pessimistic, having dealt with illness since childhood, and has no interest in making friends. She also has a strong distaste for Ji Tae (Yoo Yeon Seok), the arrogant son of her late father’s business partner, who owns the house she lives in. Ji Tae is stuck-up, obnoxious and constantly tries to make Sun Yi fall for him.

One morning, Sun Yi and her mother discover a teenage boy (Joong Song Ki) in their yard. Filthy and disheveled, he cannot communicate with them verbally. Believing that he may be an orphan, Sun Yi’s mother takes him into their home and names him Chul Soo.

Sun Yi is put in charge of Chul Soo, who behaves like a dog. He has no manners and crawls on all fours. At first, Sun Yi finds Chul Soo a burden, but as she spends more time with Chul Soo, the two of them create a friendship which leads to love.

When Ji Tae tries to get Sun Yi to spend the night with him, he ends by grabbing her wrists and threatening her. Chul Soo, who witnesses the situation, rushes out to defend Sun Yi, but as he does, his body begins to morph.  Ji Tae realizes he may have gone too far.

Will Ji Tae and Sun Yi be able to calm Chul Soo down, or will his inner beast be unleashed?

“A Werewolf Boy” expresses the importance of faithfulness and understanding in relationships and will haunt the audience long after the film has ended. The movie successfully incorporates fantasy and real life, depicting the struggles of finding true friendship and first love. With the film’s heart-warming and bittersweet moments, viewers will be moved to tears.

“A Werewolf Boy” is recommended for teens 14 and older due to violence,  mild language and suggestive themes.

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