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Classroom comes alive with Día De Los Muertos celebration

Classroom comes alive with Día De Los Muertos celebration

Brianne Ishihara, Reporter

November 19, 2019

The Mexican holiday, Día de los Muertos, celebrates the life of those that have passed. On October 29, the Spanish IV/V class showcased the different elements of the holiday. Students from other spanish classes and members of the spanish club learned why Día de los Muertos is of grave importance. (All ph...

Students prep for college-entry exams

(Left to right) Junior Jasmine Lee  and senior Jiarong Wang get situated for their first day of SAT preparation classes. All photos by Noe Nekotani.

Noe Nekotani, Opinions Editor, Webmaster, Reporter

November 7, 2019

During this time of year, notifications flood students’ cell phones, reminding them about upcoming college application and scholarship deadlines.  For some, these notifications add even more pressure, particularly on those who have yet to tackle their SAT and ACT tests. Sacred Hearts Academy senior Camille Arnaiz ...

Street art colors Honolulu communities

Artist Jenny Floro paints a mural on a traffic signal box in Kaimuki; it’s one of 26 boxes that got makeovers as part of a project coordinated by Street Art Hawaii. Photo by Kirsten Aoyagi.

Mercedes Anacleto, Social Media Editor, Reporter

November 2, 2019

 As artist Jenny Floro puts the final touches on a mural near the Kaimuki fire station, onlookers are already praising her work. The painting of locally-grown fruit colors a traffic signal box. It’s one of more than two dozen murals decorating the Honolulu neighborhood, in an effort to fight van...

How to improve sleep

According to SleepHealth.org, 70 to 80 million Americans suffer from a sleeping disorder. Photo courtesy of HealthCare365.

Martha Nicholas, Media Editor, Reporter

April 24, 2019

With final exams around the corner, students’ may begin to notice their sleep schedules becoming irregular. And while sips of water or a good book might remedy restless nights, others are turning to sleeping noise instead. This method uses a variety of background noises to improve one’s sleep. Hypn...

My first time being a ‘star’

 After working on set for the series “Hawaii Five-0,” I got to meet actor Alex O’Loughlin, who plays Steve McGarrett. All photos by Rebecca Meyer.

Rebecca Meyer, Features and Sports Editor, Reporter

April 24, 2019

Bumping shoulders next to bulked-up bomb squad members, while avoiding the glare of shiny brass police badges across the way wasn’t exactly how I’d pictured the morning to go. I could feel a ridiculous amount of sweat begin to pool up under my fidgeting legs, and I looked at my watch once more. ...

Content creators struggle with YouTube’s recent policies

Content creators struggle with YouTube’s recent policies

Ragelle Lumapas, Reporter

March 27, 2019

YouTube is one of the largest platforms of this generation and allows ordinary people to create and share their own, original content onto the internet. Despite many content creators having the liberty to share their productions, unforeseen changes has completely shifted the landscape of this platform....

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