Doing right thing increases integrity

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Doing right thing increases integrity

Mariko Galton, Reporter

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Decisions that require one to do the right thing take courage and show leadership and integrity.

Every day teens are put to the test through the challenges and struggles they face. Through these lessons, teens can learn to make good ethical decisions.

Oftentimes, such decision-making is hard because of peer pressure, threats of physical violence or Internet abuse and fear of losing others’ friendships. The ability to make the right decision is daunting.
Peer pressure comes from friends, peers and family who are able to affect teens’ choices. Many times teens make choices based on others’ reactions. As a result, the decision-making is susceptible to other influences.

Threats of physical violence or Internet abuse are also an important factor of influence. Not only do such actions put the individual in a difficult situation but also pressure the person into making a quick, sometimes incorrect, choice.

Faced with challenging decisions, teens may wonder about how others will think about their choices, consider their reactions and question if their decisions will change others’ views of them. The fear of not being included is of primary importance to most teens.

Sometimes teens do not know what the right thing to do is because of unknown future consequences.

Leaders are faced with challenges that test their integrity and leadership. Good decision-making is not about what makes the individual look good or the best way to be complimented.

Integrity is about doing what is best in a situation. When there is no easy decision, leaders who show integrity show courage. Teens must learn to do the right thing because it is the only option.