‘Becoming Alpha’ provides romance and fantasy

“Becoming Alpha” by Aileen Erin features Tessa McCaide who since she has visions, is often called “freaky Tessa” by other students.

When she is bullied and teased by classmates, Tessa’s family decides to move to Texas where her father is offered a job as a lawyer.

As she adjusts to her surroundings, Tessa goes to a party where she meets Dastien Laurent. After kissing Dastien, Tessa changes into a werewolf.

In the world of werewolves, it is unusual for humans to survive a werewolf bite.

After she is bitten, Tessa is forced to attend St. Ailbe’s Academy, a school for werewolves. When she arrives, she is immediately singled out for having survived the change.

While attending the Academy, Tessa learns how to control her wolf-spirit and befriends Meredith, Chris and Adrian.

During Tessa’s first few weeks since Dastien avoids her, Tessa is confused about his feelings.

Will Tessa be able to survive in the world of werewolves? Will she be able to work out her relationship with Dastien?

“Becoming Alpha”  is recommended for older teens because of some graphic scenes. This book is also good for those who like werewolf and fantasy stories.

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