Hawaii is getting hotter and more humid this year thanks to the El Nino effect.

Hydration is especially needed to cope with the intense heat.

Senior Lindsey Ogata, an Academy cheerleader, said, “You get dehydrated fast. Our coach always tells us to stay hydrated and fuel up on water and sports drinks with electrolytes.”

To prevent heat exhaustion, students need to drink liquids, pay attention to how they are feeling and cool off.

Freshman Jasmine Matsumoto said, “My brother fainted during football practice once. He told me he had to take some time to sit down, relax and cool off.”

Protection from the sun is always necessary. Especially during this season with the intense effects of the sun, students must take the necessary precautions to protect their skin.

Ogata said, “We can always feel the heat whenever we practice outside especially when the heat hits the ground. We always put on sunscreen to protect us from the sun’s rays.”

To beat the heat, students can enjoy a shave ice, cool off at the beach or relax under a shady tree.

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