‘Birth of a Beauty’ provides revenge mixed with romance

“Birth of a Beauty” is about Sa Geum Ra (Ha Jae Sook) who is overweight and married to a rich man who works abroad. She lives with her husband’s family who treats her poorly.

When Geum Ra finds out that her husband Lee Kang Joo (Jung Gyu Woon) has been cheating on her with Gyo Chae Won (Wang Ji Hye), she soon learns that he wants a divorce.

Kang Joo’s family welcomes Chae Won more warmly than they ever did Geum Ra. As she is driving away, her husband follows her and ends up driving her off a cliff.

Then, everyone thinks that Geum Ra has died, but she was actually saved by Han Tae Hee (Joo Sang Wook).

Geum Ra mistakes Tae Hee for a plastic surgeon whom she begs to help her get revenge.

Her plan is to transform from an overweight woman to a beautiful woman to ruin Kang Joo and Chae Won’s relationship.

Will Geum Ra’s plan for revenge work or will it all be for nothing? Does she really want her husband back?

“Birth of a Beauty” is recommended for older teens because of themes of cheating and revenge. It is also good fare for viewers who like stories of revenge mixed with romance.

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