‘Hi! School: Love On’ features romance and fantasy

“Hi! School: Love On” is about an angel, Lee Seul Bi (Sae Ron Kim), who transforms into a human after she saves Shin Woohyun (Woohyun Nam) from a fatal accident.

Because of the accident Seul Bi and Woo Hyun end up in the hospital. When Seul Bi wakes up and can’t remember anything, Woohyun takes her to the police station to help find her family.

When they get there, Woohyun decides to leave Seul Bi in the hands of the police, but his grandmother stops him, telling the officers that she will take care of her.

Seul Bi then moves in with Woohyun’s family and works at their rice cake shop.

Seeing Woohyun go to school every day makes Seul Bi want to join him.

At school Seul Bi meets Hwang Seung Yeol whom she befriends.

As Woohyun and Seung Yeol spend more time with Seul Bi, they both find themselves falling in love with Seul Bi.

Can Seul Bi choose between her two friends? Will she be able to transform back into an angel?

This drama is recommended for teens because of the theme of high school and falling in love. It is also recommended for those who like the supernatural mixed with romance.

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