‘Pinocchio’ captures viewers with mystery

“Pinocchio” is a Korean drama about Ki Ha Myung (Jong Suk Lee) whose father, a firefighter, disappears while helping to fight a factory fire.

During the search for bodies after the fire, firefighters discover that Ha Myung’s father has disappeared. He is nowhere to be found, dead or alive. A suspicion arises that his father abandoned his team of firefighters when a man with Pinocchio syndrome saw him.

Pinocchio syndrome does not allow a person to lie, resulting in hiccups.

When the media pursues Ha Myung and his family about his father’s disappearance, Ha Myung’s mother commits suicide.

Soon afterwards, Ha Myung is adopted by Choi Gong Pil, the man who saved him and changed his name to Choi Dal Po.

Gong Pil’s granddaughter Choi In Ha (Shin Hye Park) is another person with Pinocchio syndrome.

At school Dal Po aces a test and has the chance to go on a quiz show. Instead of winning the show, he allows his opponent to win.

Seeing Dal Po on tv gives In Ha the idea to become a journalist, but years later at an interview she is rejected because she can’t lie.

Although In Ha wants to give up, Dal Po stops her from doing so. This also inspires Dal Po to become a journalist too.

Will Dal Po be able to overcome his past encounters with the media or will he give up?

Will In Ha be able to make it to be a journalist even though she can’t tell lies?

This drama is recommended for teens who like a bit of mystery mixed with romance.

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