Mathletes vie in fifth competition

Ashley Marie Lardizabal, Reporter

The Academy math club, Mu Kappa, will compete in its fifth meet of the school year at Waipahu High School on Feb. 21.

A typical competition consists of seven events, six done as sub-teams and one done as a team.

The six sub-team events pertain to specific parts of math. Event one covers complex numbers in Algebra II. Event two is for geometry and reviews the areas of convex polygons. Event three evaluates a student’s Algebra I skills and the ability to solve systems of linear equations. The fourth event discusses the lines and circles on the Cartesian plane in analytic geometry. The fifth event also covers geometry but evaluates a student’s skills in dealing with circles with arcs, chords, secants, tangents and angles. The final event discusses matrices and determinants in Algebra II.

Seven students, freshmen Jiatong Song and Shuning Zheng, sophomores Hudson Jones and Christina Chen, junior Sylvia Nguyen and senior Victoria Lee will be competing.

Mu Kappa is a registered member of the Oahu Mathematics League (OML). There are seven meets total for this season and the last one is to be held at the Academy.