Luncheon strengthens bond between fathers and daughters

Sophomores and their fathers celebrated at the annual Father-Daughter luncheon, an Academy tradition, at the Pacific Beach Hotel on Oct. 5.

Sophomore Kaycee Selga said, “It was really fun to be able to meet all of my friends’ dads. I think that the relationship between me and my own dad grew stronger from this luncheon.”

The luncheon brought together daughters and fathers and gave them an opportunity to spend time with each other,  meet other fathers and create relationships that have the potential to become friendships over their daughters’ years at the Academy.

“I enjoyed the luncheon because it was a good time to spend with my dad. We don’t spend that much time together any more because a lot of his time is consumed with work,” said Janelle Lauronal.

Fathers and daughter played games testing how well they knew each other and how close their relationships were.

Lauronal said, “I really enjoyed the trivia game because we got to witness if the fathers and daughters knew each other well. It was fun to see everyone’s reaction when their answers matched. It was an easy-going get-together that was very relaxing and fun.”

“It was fun and I got to know my father better. I really liked the activities planned because it was entertaining to watch my classmates and their dads challenge each other,” said Zoierae Hill.

The luncheon was a celebration that allowed students to enjoy being with their fathers, a time to celebrate being a father, and showing love for each other. It was a time to make memories and for students to show their appreciation for their own fathers.

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