Proficiency in writing essential to students’ lives and careers

Although students may not realize it, good writing is a skill that is essential to their  lives. As students move through high school and on to college, writing becomes more prevalent.

Students will be writing papers in college classes and later may have to write a thesis in their major fields. Many graduate programs demand a thesis, often in the hundreds of pages.

For many professions, students will need to know how to write well, effectively and succinctly.

English teacher Rosalynn Cambe said, “Brainstorming definitely helps. Students can create outlines, go online and read other people’s writing. It’s also important for students to know the basic principles of writing. Moreover, students should practice constructing thesis statements.”

According to studies, students who read frequently become better writers than those who do not. By being eager readers, students are able to explore different cultures and write more efficiently.

Cambe said,”I have noticed that avid readers are better writers. By reading, students can expand their vocabulary and get to read other people’s work. This is an important step in becoming a better writer. Lastly, seeking help from teachers is a necessity in achieving good writing skills.”

To become a better writer, students must be able to accept constructive criticism, seek help from better writers and keep practicing. Good writing reflects good thinking which needs to be done precisely and concisely. Writing is a learning process. It takes time and repetition.

Sophomore Shelly Aquino said, “I practice my writing skills by asking my peers for feedback on my writing so that I can improve. I feel that if I get views from others on my writing, I’m able to become more aware of the little details that I have to look for as I proofread my essays.”

Sophomore Hudson Jones said, “Students become better writers with experience and practice. By reading literature, one can incorporate ideas and styles into their own writing. Also with practice, and perhaps criticism, a writer will improve substantially.”

Writing is not only an important academic skill but also an essential skill needed in any career field. Proficiency in writing is crucial and key for effective communication. Good writing enables students to express themselves clearly to others in effective ways.


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