An artistic experience in China

All aboard Air China! Students from “The Lancers Lately” and “Ka Leo” had the opportunity to participate in a cultural exchange with Hwa Nan Women’s College in Fuzhou, China. The students spent nine days learning about Chinese culture and the Fujian province. All photos by Jenelle Ho.


The students stayed in dorms at Hwa Nan’s international faculty housing. While on the trip, they worked on their international journalism skills by taking photos and videos. In this photo, Academy senior Katherine Christian works on an article for the “Ka Leo” website.


Academy students went on field trips with students from Hwa Nan, endearingly called their “big sisters.” The group visited different locations around the Fujian province, including Three Lanes and Seven Alleys and Carp Islet.


The view of the city of Fuzhou, China, from Zhenhai Tower. During the second day in China, the students went hiking with their “big sisters.” While hiking, they were treated to the welcoming sight of several signs with the warning: “beware of snakes,” written in Mandarin. After the hike, the group visited Fuzhou’s natural history museum.


While on their trip, the journalism students traveled to Fuqing, a city a few hours away from Fuzhou. While there, they visited a preschool, elementary and high school. At the elementary school, the journalism students were treated to a dance performance and art show.


During a 10-hour layover in Beijing, on the way to Honolulu, the students and Academy librarian Alyssa Okimoto took a train to Beijing. The group got to enjoy their last night in China by exploring a nearby shopping mall. The highlight of the evening was finding a 7-Eleven convenience store, which offered an expanse of goods beyond what is offered at Hawaii’s 7-Eleven stores.