The celebrations of Holy Week


After the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection, many participate in Easter Egg hunts where children try to find eggs hidden by their family members. All people celebrate Easter, but for Christians it has an empowering meaning behind it. Photo courtesy of Flickr.

For the past month, you may have noticed that your Christian friends gave up something in their lives or picked up a good habit. Lent is the 40 days spent reflecting as Jesus did in the desert, which we can be read from the Bible.

On Holy Thursday, the liturgy at school depicted why this time is so important for Christians. In the annual mass that the Academy’s LIFE team alongside the sisters put together, students experience what Jesus went through as he was betrayed by Judas, one of his disciples, and condemned by Pontius Pilate. Christians celebrate it as the day of the Last Supper, when Jesus sat down to have his last meal with his disciples.

During the supper, Jesus took the bread and shared it telling them that it was his body and that the wine was his blood. Christians receive the body and blood of Jesus Christ every Sunday when they attend church.

It was also on this day that it was revealed that there was a traitor among the disciples.Judas exposed his plan of betraying Jesus when he dipped his bread in the wine.

Good Friday proceeds Holy Thursday and is a day where Christians, over the age of 18, are called to fast. Christians celebrate this day to commemorate Jesus Christ’s passion and crucifixion

Holy Saturday is a day where Christians celebrate Jesus’ laying in the tomb. Other names for Holy Saturday include Easter Eve, Easter Even, Black Saturday and the Saturday before Easter.

Easter Sunday is a pivotal celebration during the Easter season because this was when Jesus rises from the dead and goes to heaven. On this day, Mary Magdalene went to Jesus’ tomb where he was buried, only to find it empty. An angel came down and told her that Jesus had risen. On Easter Sunday, Christians go to church and many children and teenagers are baptized or confirmed at this mass.

The last day of the Easter season is Easter Monday, which is a day that is recognized mostly in the Western part of the world. This holiday doesn’t actually derive from the Bible and Christians aren’t required to celebrate it.