Preparing for the Great Aloha Run

The registration for this year’s Great Aloha Run has officially closed, and many are looking forward to the 8-mile marathon. Here are some tips to help prepare:Never perform any kind of physical activity without stretching. Giving your body ample time to loosen up prevents your muscles from getting strained. Some stretches include, lunges, side stretches and stork stretches.

The next tip is to pace your workouts. Rather than beginning big and trying to tackle the course all at once, begin power walking for five minutes. This warms up the body and stimulates the muscles for the hard work to come. Next, run for 5 consecutive minutes. In between, make sure to revert back to power walks for about 1 to 5 minutes. Each day you run, try to increase your time and distance by a few minutes. This should be done at least two to three times a week. These exercises can be done in the comfort of your home on a treadmill or at a local park.

After every workout, stretch again. When running the muscles become tense; therefore, it’s vital to stretch in order to lessen the chance of a strain. Basic yoga is also encouraged because it not only calms the body but also the mind.

At night before the marathon, eat carbohydrate and protein-rich foods, such as pasta, beans, burritos and fish. On the morning of the marathon, fuel up with a small snack. Some go-to marathon snacks include, energy bars, fruits or bagels. A high carb diet will provide strength for your muscles and store energy for long runs. However, overeating can result in nausea and sickness during the run.

The last and most important tip for running a marathon is to stay hydrated. During training and the actual marathon, keep a handheld water bottle on you or wear a hydration pack. If you run out of water, marathon watering stations are set up along the course.

The Great Aloha Run is on Monday, Feb. 19, and starts at 7 a.m.


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