Get crafty with Christmas DIY decorations

Christmas is an opportunity to get festive with decorations, gifts and goodies.

For those with a crafty hand or looking to go beyond store-bought decor, here are some do-it-yourself decorations.

At night, decorate the darkness with a snowman candle holder. The snowman candle holder is made to look like a snowman head complete with a bow on top.

The craft is made with a six-inch glass bowl, white glass spray paint, orange ribbon and of course, a candle.

Those looking for an outside decoration should try crafting a pallet wood Christmas tree.

These wooden trees let crafters decide how they are going to decorate it.

After assembling the wood into a tree shape, decorations such as paint, buttons, ribbons and pictures can be added on for a personal touch.

Decorate your lawn with a pallet wood Christmas tree. Photo courtesy of Recyclart.

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