A new take on holiday gifts

Now that Halloween and Thanksgiving have passed, it’s time to look forward to, arguably, the biggest holiday of the year: Christmas. Make this year special for your friends with gifts they will really love.

We all have those friends whose variety of interests make it difficult to find meaningful gifts. Here are some ideas to help you find, or make, a gift for even your pickiest friend.


For your plant-loving friends:

A nature-themed gift sure to bring a smile to any plant-loving friend. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia.

For those friends who have a green thumb, try making a terrarium. You can make your terrarium in an empty mason jar, light bulb or even a Christmas ornament, for a little extra holiday fun. Using your preferred container, pick a plant to put inside along with soil, rocks and other decorations.

Your friend might also like a couple of iron-on patches, like this Camping Club or Craving Wilderness one. Writers may find contentment in a succulent-inspired notebook. Go wild with the plant-inspired gifts; it’s a world of fun.


For those studious pals:

Another simple notebook DIY is gluing magazine cutouts to a composition book. Photo by Taylor McKenzie.

One of your friends may be the rare student who gets excited about school. As much as you might disagree with them, you want to support their interests and give them a gift they can use. Treat them to a little bit of your love with these DIY notebooks. You can also add to their collection of highlighters with these fun colors.


The luxury lovers in your life:

Lip balms and body scrubs are an easy Christmas gift. Photo courtesy of Pixabay.

Everyone has that one friend who loves the beautiful things in life. Give them a spa day with a store-bought facial scrub or even try making one yourself! Don’t forget to add a coffee body scrub and lip balm to give the gift a smooth finish.


Don’t forget about your four-legged besties:

Don’t forget your favorite four-legged friends! Make your pets a treat that they will never forget. Photo courtesy of Flickr.

Dogs are said to be a man’s best friends, so treat them to homemade dog biscuits and don’t forget your favorite feline with these salmon cat treats.

While Christmas is supposed to be a festive time, the struggle of finding the perfect Christmas present for friends often distracts us from enjoying the best time of the year.

To save your bank account, do-it-yourself, or DIY, gifts are an affordable option to gift your friends and family with.

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