Application season takes over autumn

During the autumn season, many spend their time preparing for the holidays and enjoying the cool, crisp air. For most high school seniors, however, pumpkin spiced lattes become close acquaintances in the spirit of college application season; a time that requires burning the midnight oil in order to meet crucial deadlines.

The first semester for a senior is one of the most stressful times of the year. They are constantly writing essays and gathering portfolio materials to submit to their dream colleges. Students from Sacred Hearts Academy, however, aren’t exempt from this.

“The idea that I have to describe myself in a cookie-cutter type application, which barely lets me highlight my individuality is downright terrifying,” senior Dorothy Sanidad said. Sandid plans to apply to 11 colleges.

During the application process, students are required to write an essay in response to the prompts provided by colleges. Challenging aspects include gathering information organized under a set word limit and submitting it on time.

Students often receive helpful tips from resources, such as the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC). This organization provides students of all grades with an annual college fair. During this event, students can talk to representatives from numerous colleges, which gives them an opportunity to learn more about each college and what they look for in a student.

Academy senior counselor Randall Fong is another resource available to not only seniors but other grade levels as well. He has been helping students for years, by taking them step-by-step throughout the college application process. Fong also helps students find potential colleges that suit them.

Other than school faculty and college events, students can also look to their parents and friends for help.

“I think I would feel relieved but very nervous after I send my applications because there is always that lingering chance of rejection,” senior Taylor Rayray said.

Some advice to future seniors includes starting the application process during the summer. They are also advised to keep scholarships in mind, as college tuition plays a key role in deciding whether or not a student can attend the college. Most importantly, according to Sanidad, don’t forget to “have fun during your senior year.”


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