Journalism students go abroad


Shelby Mattos and her “big sister” in Fuzhou, China. Photo taken by Rebecca Meyer.

During Fall Break, a group of Sacred Hearts Academy students experienced a cultural exchange with women attending Hwa Nan Women’s College in the Fujian province of China.

The seven students, alongside the Academy’s high school librarian Alyssa Okimoto, were tasked with documenting the trip through video, photos, and articles. The students are members of the school newspaper, “Ka Leo,” and the student newscast, “The Lancers Lately.”

Students were selected because of their advanced skills in writing, videography, and photography.

They spent 10 days in Fuzhou and Fuqing, cities in the Fujian province of China, learning about Chinese culture and making connections with the Hwa Nan students and faculty.

Some of the activities included learning a traditional Chinese art called papercutting and visiting temples. The group also shared Hawaii’s culture through a hula performance and songs.

Hwa Nan Women’s College is a college that focuses on educating women in a variety of subjects, including English and educational studies.

Students of the Academy partnered with English majors to help improve their English skills.

“My experience in China changed my perspective of the world because I got a firsthand look at how other people live their lives (and) how other cultures influence people’s actions,” senior Taylor McKenzie said.

The videos aired on “The Lancers Lately” and are featured on “Ka Leo’s” website.