Life’s a party with this year’s freshmen

Juniors Rebecca Meyer, Ragelle Lumapas and Angela Tamaribuchi cheer on their little sisters as they perform on stage. Many juniors brandish signs with their sisters’ names just for the occasion. Photos by Noe Nekotani.
A freshman group, led by junior Kaitlyn White, dress in various shades of tie-dyed colors. They strike a pose as they near the end of their performance.
Junior Jasmine Policarpio displays her enthusiasm for her little sister Precious Rose Coloma with a decorative sign.
The next freshman group, led by junior Jasmine Matsumoto, shows off their fresh style, as they line up behind one another gazing back at the crowd with confidence. This group’s red and black ensemble match the music’s upbeat toon.
Juniors Kayla Park, Maile Fox, Trinity Martin and Sifoni Mafua display their little sisters’ names, as they watch their performance. Many juniors don similar attires to their little sisters to showcase their spirit.
Freshman group, led by Kayla Park, dons camouflage attire.
The next group, led by Kira Stone, incorporates a popular internet trend of using a mannequin head into their dance. This year’s theme of “Life’s a Party” allowed for many juniors to express their creativity through the freshmen.
Helen Lin’s group holds their pose, as they lean back and smile towards the crowd in unity.