A guide to being a Lancer


Morning flag line. Photo credit: Taylor McKenzie.

Attending a new school for the first time can be overwhelming. For those new to Sacred Hearts Academy, check out this guide Ka Leo put together to help lessen the hardships of being a first-year student at an all-girls Catholic school.

Morning Flag

Every morning, except for Wednesdays, students participate in flag. Flag is when the entire student body gathers in the inner courtyard area for prayer and song. Following that, teachers will make announcements or recognize outstanding students.

The organization of where grade levels stand is very important. Seniors stand on the center stairs, followed by freshmen on the left, sophomores in the middle and juniors on the right. Junior high stands along the sides of the courtyard, looking toward the flagpole, while the lower school stands behind high school students near the basketball courts.

Circle Time

On Wednesdays, homerooms participate in an activity called circle time. Students sit in a circle, with their teachers leading discussions about important topics, such as bullying and friendship. The topics are usually prompted by the theology department.

Friday Attire

On Fridays, students are allowed to wear a navy blue polo shirt and khaki shorts. Students may also wear white shoes, as opposed to wearing the required black shoes.

Because Friday attire is not required, students may still choose to wear the everyday uniform, which includes a blouse and navy blue skirt. The skirt must be no more than three inches above the knee. Both uniforms require students wear white socks (without logos) above their ankles.

For special events, such as the school’s birthday, students may be allowed to dress down according to that day’s dress guidelines.

Lower school and junior high students wear their ties tucked into their blouse loops, while high school students wear their ties untucked and tied at the bottom. On their ties, students can wear special pins that they have earned from school.

Events at the Academy

A few noteworthy events that happen throughout the year include, Freshman Initiation, LIFE Walk, Mother-Daughter Luncheon, Father-Daughter Luncheon and Senior Ohana Luncheon. Every event listed, except for LIFE Walk, is tailored for a specific grade.

Freshman Initiation is an event where freshmen are paired with a junior “big sister.” They spend the week getting to know each other through various activities. The junior “big sisters” are in charge of welcoming freshmen into high school through initiation week. The week ends with the Freshman Initiation Assembly in the gym, where freshman students perform in front of the school.

The LIFE Week is meant to raise awareness about an issue that affects the community. During this week, a group of students called the LIFE Team creates activities based around a yearly theme, such as “Do Something.” LIFE stands for “Living in Faith Experience.”

The week ends with a high school-wide event called LIFE Walk. Students walk about one mile from Sacred Hearts Academy to Palolo Valley District Park. Once they reach the park, they bond over fun activities, such as tug-of-war and water balloon fights.

The school also celebrates students’ relationships with their parents and grandparents. Freshmen enjoy lunch with their mothers during the annual Mother-Daughter Luncheon, which takes place in February. Father-Daughter Luncheon happens every March during sophomore year, while Senior Ohana Luncheon takes place in the second semester of their senior year.

Every November, the school is filled with grandparents and family, as students celebrate Grandparents Day. Grandparents and students spend half-a-day together doing activities, such as arts and crafts.

For more information, students should review the Academy Handbook under “Grades 7-12” or talk to homeroom teachers or administrators.