Students honor veterans

During the Veterans’ Day holiday this year, students from Sacred Hearts Academy took time to honor those who have previously served in the military. Many participated in various activities throughout the community, while others enjoyed a relaxing day off.

For the marching band, Veterans’ Day meant getting up early in and preparing for the Veterans’ Day Parade in Wahiawa. The Academy’s marching band performed two songs, “Kohala March” and Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back.”

Another group participating in the event was the Leo Club. Adviser Whitney Miyahira’s highlight “was getting to see the various members of our military and community showcased in the parade.” Miyahira and the other Leo Club members helped to promote the event and also walked in the parade.

A few students also spent their day watching movies at the Hawaii International Film Festival. Sophomore Jasmine Matsumoto watched “My Korean Teacher.”

“The movie overall was very eye-opening on connecting two different languages,” she said. The story was about how two Korean teachers play an important role in a man’s life.

Lastly, other students relaxed by eating lunch with their families. A collective amount of students spent the day off at the beach, along with friends.