Academy’s band sweeps away audiences with sound of music

The Sacred Hearts Academy band performed at the annual Parade of Bands over the course of three days at McKinley High School.

Students began preparing songs upon their return from winter vacation.

“I was most impressed, very excited because I saw a drive and will in the students of our bands, especially Wind Ensemble, to really push themselves and call their own rehearsals and shoot for their utmost,” said Band Director Keith Higaki. “I think for the most part, when we hit Parade of Bands, it was their best performance of those numbers up to that point.”

Students in the Wind Ensemble received a score of 2+, but the highest score is 1+.

“The judges gave us 2+, which is pretty bad because we usually get 1+, but Mr. Higaki thought we played the best we had ever played with the most passion ever,” said junior Samantha Ishihara. “I feel like it didn’t happen though. It felt normal.”

After the concert, students were proud of their performances.

“I thought that the sound was better there because we’re so used to playing at Mamiya Theatre,” said junior Taylor Yee. “I felt good after because the sound was really great and we sounded really good.”

Despite the rating, students enjoyed the outcome of their performances.

“You could tell that they felt a feeling of accomplishment,” said Higaki, “and so did I because those numbers are not easy. Even when I mentioned to my colleagues in the Honolulu Wind Ensemble, they all said, ‘oh wow, those are are tough numbers.’ So, it was an accomplishment and at the same time a great pride. I thought that they did quite well on it, considering where we started.”

For the seniors, this was their second to last performance before the Aloha Concert.

“To think that for the most part, except for the seniors, they’re all the all students that I started in beginning band,” said HIgaki. “That was even more reason for being so proud of them. They’ve come so far.”