‘Shining Inheritance’ puts spin on ‘Cinderella’

Shining Inheritance” begins with Go Eun Sung (Han Hyo Joo) who returns to Korea to take her autistic brother, Eun Woo, back to America.

At the airport Eun Sang’s luggage is mixed up with Hwan Sun Woo’s, leading to many misunderstandings.

Heir to his grandmother, Sun Woo has been ordered back to Korea to learn how to run her business.

When Eun Sang and her brother discover that their father was killed in a gas explosion, their stepmother throws them out of the house and takes the insurance money.

One day as Eun Sang is at work, Eun Woo wanders off. Realizing that her brother is missing, she searches for him but cannot find him. With the help of her friends, she finds a place to live while she continues to search for her brother.

Out in the neighborhood Eun Sang meets an injured elderly woman whom she helps. Eun Sang does not realize what impact this encounter will have on her life.

During the search for her brother, Eun Sang must learn who to trust and what kind of life she wants.

“Shining Inheritance” puts a twist on the classic story of Cinderella. This drama is recommended for those who like a romance story with a happy ending.

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