Students raise support for classmate in “Change for Chandler”


Sixth grader Chandler Boyd is fighting a serious illness. Schoolmates, led by classmates, raised more than $10,000 for her medical expenses.

The Academy recently completed “Change For Chandler,” a fundraiser for sixth grader Chandler Boyd, who has been diagnosed with cancer.                                                                                                  

Junior kindergartners through sixth grade and the Junior Class were asked to donate $3  for the fundraiser. For their donations, students were allowed to wear jeans and a school shirt to school on Dec. 3. Juniors also participated in the fundraiser because Chandler’s older sister Makenzie is a junior.

Lower school teachers showed their support by wearing white tee-shirts with ‘Team Chandler’ in red letters.

Malia Urie, the lower school art teacher, designed a Team Chandler button for the lower school to wear all year, suggested by the students and teachers.

Parents contributed for a Christmas gift and high school students could also donate.

The week-long fundraiser collected $3,547.25 for Chandler. The school hopes to present this donation, books and a snack basket to Chandler’s mother, Crista Aguano, and her sister.

On the site YouCaring, a fund for Chandler has been established with a goal of $25,000. As of Dec. 9, $10,293 has been raised.

“I thought it was very supportive and kind of the school to do this for my sister,” said Makenzie. “My family is very grateful.”