Limits of outward beauty revealed in ‘She Was Pretty’

“She Was Pretty,” a Korean drama, features the childhood romance of Kim Hye Jin (Hwang Jung Eum) and Ji Sung Joon (Park Seo Joon).

When Hye Jin sees Sung Joon crying in the rain, she goes to comfort him. They soon become friends and later each other’s first love.

When Sung Joon moves unexpectedly to the United States, contact between the two is severed. Later, Hye Jin’s family business goes bankrupt, but worse than that, she loses her beauty.  

Years later, Sung Joon returns to Korea to increase the ratings of a magazine, “The Most.”

While he is in Korea, Sung Jung tries to find Hye Jin, but he is unsuccessful. Not knowing what Hye Jin now looks like, Sung Joon walks past her, causing her to lose self-confidence.

Sung Joon ends up meeting her friend, Min Ha Rin (Go Jun Hee).

Coincidentally, Hye Jin gets a job at the magazine company where Sung Joon works. Self-conscious about her looks, Hye Jin hides her identity from Sung Joon.

Will Sung Joon realize that Hye Jin is hiding her identity or will he understand her motives? Will they fall in love once again?

“She Was Pretty” is recommended for ages 13 and up because of adult situations. Those who like romantic comedies will enjoy this drama because of the interactions between the characters.

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