Staff 2021-22

Ka Leo is a student-produced news publication for Sacred Hearts Academy, an all-girls Catholic school in Honolulu, Hawaii. These young journalists are skilled at reporting through multiple forms of media and are enrolled in the Journalism and Video Productions programs.




Jessa Ancheta, Reporter

Princess Billena, Reporter

Morgan Bocobo, Reporter

Zandrina Cambra, Reporter

Sarah Fiaseu, Reporter

Morgan Garza, Reporter

Moriah Gilmore, Reporter 

Rheamae Ibarra, Reporter and Illustrator

Cassidy Kealoha, Reporter

Jasmine Le, Reporter

Llana Lee, Reporter

Ivy Li, Reporter

Ella blu Pakele, Reporter

Britney Pham, Reporter

Isabella Savea, Reporter


Nai’a Tulonghari, Reporter


Jaime Tumbaga, Reporter