Courts in the Community Pt. 2

The Hawaiian History class attended the oral argument for State v. Weldon at Kaimuki High School, where we were joined by volunteer attorneys Bennett Chin and Ronette Kawakami.

This event was sponsored by the Courts in the Community program to experience a hearing before the State Supreme Court and promote learning and understanding of our judiciary system. Students a past few weeks learning legal terms and examining state and federal laws, as well as other cases with similar premises and implications in order to prepare for this event. Students also examined famous Hawaii cases such as Fukunaga v. Territory of Hawaii, Territory of Hawaii v. Ben Ahakuelo et al, and Territory of Hawaii v. Grace Fortescue et al.

Following the arguments, students were invited to participate in a Q & A session with the attorneys and then later all five Hawaii Supreme Court Justices. Journalism and Media students Monica Kenny and Martha Nicholas were able to interview one of the justices in a private session.


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