Effective leadership demands zeal

Teens often join clubs and participate in extracurricular activities so that they are able to develop and demonstrate leadership skills for college applications and scholarships.

This is easier said than done. To be an effective leader, students must have passion and be willing to take on the challenge of becoming good leaders. They need to keep their word, fulfill their duties to the best of their abilities, be objective but willing to stand for what is right for the greater good. Leading others is not easy.

Student Council President Aina Katsikas believes that leaders must loyally serve those who follow.

“Two qualities [that] a leader should have are persistence and dedication,” she said.

People must know what to expect from their leaders.

Sophomore Hudson Jones said, “Leaders are examples for others. They are teachers and are guiding their followers to have the same good qualities they have.”

Leaders must remain optimistic in order to serve as positive influences on others. They are those whom others depend on and turn to, especially in times of mayhem or trouble. Leaders are there to assure others that they will make the best of the given situation with sincere effort and acceptable outcomes for the larger community.

Freshman Council member Pakalana Kam believes that leaders are needed the most during difficult times.

“The way someone acts when something isn’t going right reveals their [true] character and their ability to persevere. A leader needs to take control in that type of situation and be the one to move the group forward,” said Kam. “A good leader must be a good follower too.”

Sophomore adviser Kimberlee Brown said leaders must be willing to make improvements and accept criticism, just as they give suggestions to followers.

“A true leader should have the ability to acclimate to their people’s needs. If the people want something done in a certain way, a leader should be able to acknowledge that and continue to move on,” said Brown.

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