Ka Leo

2017-2018 Staff

Lucinda Hu


Lucinda Hu is a freshman and a first-year Journalism student. She was born in China and has been studying at Sacred Hearts Academy for about four years. She believes that journalism or news can affect a...

Jasmine Matsumoto


Jasmine Matsumoto is a proud junior of the Sacred Hearts Academy. In her free time she creatively expresses herself as an artist who plays ukulele and recently learned guitar. She believes being a Journalist...

Grace Kim


Grace Kim is currently a junior at Sacred Hearts Academy and a first-year Journalism student. In her free time, she enjoys going out with friends, listening to music, and helping out at church. As a stu...

Noe Nekotani

Opinions Editor, Reporter

Noe Machiko Nekotani is a sophomore and just recently joined Ka Leo. In her free time, she usually tends to her mother's garden, finds something to clean or catches up on sleep. Noe views journalism as ...

Taylor McKenzie

Webmaster, Reporter

Taylor McKenzie is currently a senior and a second-year Journalism student. She is the Vice President of Student Council, President of PAAC Club, member of the National Honor Society and the Web Maste...

Shelby Mattos

News Editor, Reporter

Shelby Mattos is a junior and second-year Journalism student. She is the Publicity Chair for Division Council and participates actively in the Academy’s band program. As a student journalist, she lo...

Rebecca Meyer

Features Editor, Reporter

Rebecca Meyer is a Junior and second-year Journalism student. She also is the Features Editor. Being a journalist to her means being able to spread news to others and informing people of what’s happening ar...

Martha Nicholas

Media Editor, Reporter

Martha Nicholas is a second-year Journalism student in her Junior year. Being a student journalist means being the school’s messenger. It’s a journalist’s job to collect vital information about the com...

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