Ka Leo

Fighting fast fashion

Clothing racks at Goodwill in Kaimuki offer a variety of secondhand items. The movement of shifting shopping habits to thrifting is a solution to the fast fashion industry, in which inexpensive clothing is rapidly produced and thus, resulting in an increase of waste. Photo by Ella blu Pakele.

Ella blu Pakele, Reporter

March 5, 2020

Commence the Cultural Celebration

Ella blu Pakele, Reporter

March 4, 2020

In celebration of diversity and culture on the Sacred Hearts Academy campus, International Day invites students to experience traditions and foods from around the globe. Students “travel” to these places, by way of different c...

COMIC: OK Boomer

Rheamae Ibarra, Reporter

March 2, 2020

This comic illustrates the viral online meme and catchphrase, “OK boomer,” which gained traction among younger generations as a way to mock attitudes stereotypically attributed to the baby boomer generation (1946-1965).  You ...

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