Our time in China

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Sacred Hearts Academy journalism students traveled to Fuzhou, China during fall break. As part of a cultural exchange experience with sister school Hwa Nan Women’s College, the group visited local schools, explored hillside temples and shared their knowledge as journalists with their “big sisters” from Hwa Nan.

After hours of traveling from Hawaii, a quiet sunrise from inside of the Beijing Airport was a welcoming treat for the Academy students. They waited about two hours for their connecting flight to Fuzhou, China. While there, they refueled on coffee and Japanese treats. All photos by Jenelle Ho.


Academy sophomore Noe Nekotani captures junior Rebecca Meyer’s excitement while exploring Fuzhou. Fuzhou, located on the southeastern coast of China, has a more than 2,200-year history. From ancient times, Fuzhou has been said to be “a land of blessing,” with an abundance of natural resources, good weather and a multitude of jobs.


Space is limited in China, as seen from this view of a dormitory at Hwa Nan Women’s College. Students use the balcony space for hanging laundry but also for getting fresh air. The Academy students also stayed in the campus dormitories, experiencing life as a Chinese university student.


In celebrating Hwa Nan Women’s College’s 110-year anniversary, students showcased cultural garments they made during a schoolwide fashion show. The Academy students were able to sit in on one of the fashion design classes and observe the garments, shown here, being made. The university, which consists of about 3,800 students and 200 staff, offers courses in art, health, education and international business.

The excitement captured when the group of journalists visited a Fuqing elementary school. While there, the Academy students read to them Hawaii-themed children’s books they brought from school.


Children at the Fuqing elementary school shared the art of calligraphy with the Academy students. Most were in deep concentration, careful to make slow and steady strokes. Each character represented a wise saying they learned during class.


A Hwa Nan Women’s College student explores a thousand-year-old temple at the top of a Fuzhou mountain. The temple, considered to be a Buddhist holy land, is home to the largest Buddhist statue in the province. While there, the group enjoyed a scenic view of the city below, while also avoiding wild snakes that lived throughout the temple.