Canned food drive inspires giving

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Canned food drive inspires giving

Rochell Ann Agapay, Reporter

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Every year, in the spirit of giving, Sacred Hearts Academy hosts its annual canned food drive to give to those in need. This year’s drive goes from Nov. 1 to 17.

The drive is meant to demonstrate the spirit of Thanksgiving, which is to give thanks for life’s blessings and also helping others,” Student Council Service Chair Mariko Galton said.

Students are asked to donate cans of nonperishable items to their homerooms. Such items include, spam, soups, peanut butter, beans, chili and vegetables.

“Though cans are small in size, their content holds a greater value,” Galton said. “It’s not about giving for the sake of it, but doing it (and) knowing that you’re making a difference by sharing something of your’s with those who are less fortunate.”

With this food drive, Galton’s goal is to collect as much food as possible so that families do not starve during the Thanksgiving holiday.

“I also hope that through the canned food drive students reflect on how lucky they are for the life they are given, since there are many who are not so lucky,” said Galton, on what she hopes to achieve with this canned food drive.

“A tip on giving is to give from the heart,” Director of Student Activities Cleo Eubanks said. “Give generously and give something that would eat on a regular basis.”

Homerooms that donate a minimum of 75 cans will be entered into a school-wide drawing. The homeroom that gets selected will receive Thanksgiving pies.

All donations will benefit three local food pantries, including Saint Patrick Church, Saint George in Waimanalo and transitional housing Loliana Hale.

In past years, the Academy has collected more than 2,000 canned goods during the drive.