Justin Bieber’s ‘Purpose: The Movement’ presents mix of genres

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

Singer, songwriter Justin Bieber’s latest release, “Purpose: The Movement,”  makes a well received comeback after the last two fiascos. His new album contains 13 songs, combining a variety of genres such as uptempo dance-pop, R&B and electronic dance music (EDM).

Bieber’s album focuses on apologies and redemption. His songs feature collaborations with musicians such as Skrillex, Diplo and Ed Sheeran.

Co-writer of his songs, Bieber shows a new side by displaying his vulnerability in response to the many mistakes he has made over the course of his career. Throughout the album, Bieber reveals an effort at reforming his life and getting back on track.

Since the album’s release, it has received high acclaim and ratings from music critics and the media including Billboard, Entertainment Weekly and even television host Ellen Degeneres.

“Purpose” was released on Nov. 13. Short clips for each song has been uploaded to his YouTube channel, garnering millions of views.

“Purpose: The Movement” is streaming on Youtube, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play and iTunes, where listeners can purchase the album.

Through his soulful, heartfelt songs, sold-out concerts and a 2016 “Purpose” world tour, Justin Bieber is on his way to proving himself once again.