Freshmen anticipate exciting Initiation Week

Freshmen anticipate exciting Initiation Week

Frances Nicole Tabios, Reporter

The newest Freshman Class is being initiated into high school the week of Sept. 21-25, Initiation Week.

On each day of the week, juniors will dress up their little sisters, the freshmen, who will participate in various activities.

Freshman Jasmine Policarpio said, “I’m excited about getting to see all of my classmates dancing and showing their talent because this is one of those rare moments that everyone gets together and shows off their talent.”

The week will kick-off with “Movie Magic Monday.” At lunch, juniors and freshmen will get together in the conference room to watch short films.  Students can bring pillows, and snacks will be distributed.

Tuesday’s theme is “Twin Tuesday.” Big sisters will dress up the freshmen and themselves. There will be a prize for the freshmen who win the “Most Colorful” or “Most Sister Spirit” dress-up contest.   

“I’m most excited about dressing up because I’ll be wearing the same thing as my big sister. I think it’s a fun way to create memories and to develop a relationship that I will always cherish,” said freshman Mikaela Dolor.

For Wednesday, a theme of “Minute to Win It Wednesday” will be celebrated. During the lunch recess in front of the PAC building, juniors and freshmen will compete against other pairs in minute-long races. Ice cream bars will be distributed to all teams which participate.

On “Trivia Thursday,” little sister groups will compete against big sister groups in a Jeopardy-like competition during lunch.

On “Freshman Friday,” juniors will potluck with their little sisters.

The culmination of the week is the Friday afternoon assembly with freshmen showcasing the dances they have been practicing since late August choreographed by their big sisters.