‘When Water Burns’ continues ‘Telesa’ series

Photo Credit: Lehua Parker on www.lehuaparker.com

Photo Credit: Lehua Parker on www.lehuaparker.com

Mariko Galton, Reporter

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The second installment in the “Telesa” series, “When Water Burns,” features Leila Folger’s struggle of protecting her loved ones from those who seek revenge.

Leila knows that she is alone. The sisterhood is gone, her mother is dead, and she is the only person with the Earth goddess’ powers. When she finds out that Sarona, who killed her mother and took the life of the other sisters, is alive, Leila goes on the hunt to find and kill her.

Suddenly, Leila meets a mysterious boy with suspicious and malicious intentions. As Leila anticipates future dangers, she turns to Daniel Tahi for help but he refuses to help her.

Afraid and alone, Leila struggles to maintain her well-being as she tries to protect her loved ones.

“When Water Burns” continues the “Telesa” series with its heroine who struggles to solve her problems without the guidance of those she loved. The mixture of fantasy and Samoan history will make readers enjoy this novel.
The novel is recommended for ages 14 and up due to mild violence. “When Water Burns” has an unusual storyline that will make readers anticipate the next novel.